1. Volunteering opportunity

    What Volunteer opportunities are included in our program?

  • Sarita’s Safe Haven Nepal offers educational volunteering opportunity for interested people around Kathmandu of  Nepal. The program aims to improve the level of English of students studying at government schools in Kathmandu, where most the students of the poorest families have been studying. The students  will have an opportunity to communicate with the English speaking people and improve English.This program will also  help the  English teachers  improve their  English language teaching skills.
  • Our volunteer  will also go to an orphanage entitled Sarita children Home in the morning or in the evening and help the kids in doing their homework, paly with them etct
  1. What are our expectations?
  • You need  to be  able to speak and write English fluently.
  • We expect you to be respectful to our children, staff, and overall Nepali culture.
  • We will ask you to help with our community-based tourism program
  1. What can  you expect from us?
  • We provide you with accommodation, food breakfast, boiled water, tea etc  in a reasonable price per day
  • We will encourage and support you in any new projects or creative activities that you want to implement at the orphanage to enhance the lives of the children.
  1. What is the length of stay?
  • To minimize the frequency of staff changeover, we hope  you   commit to a minimum stay of at least two weeks to ensure the psychological and emotional stability of the children. We have found that the  kids  require an adjustment period  with  newcomers. However, we are able to accommodate guests who wish to volunteer for shorter periods.
  1. How much does it cost?
  • We can manage food and accommodation at  our own house( Home Stay accommodation ) for a reasonable price. We will provide  you  a room and bed  to sleep,  Dal Bhat( Nepali food), tea, breakfast, snacks and boiled water to drink etc.
  1. Where can I apply for the volunteering work? Please contact us for more information