Our Orphanage

Under  the We  help the Helpless program Sarita’s Safe Haven Nepal has been supporting  17 orphaned, abandoned and helpless kids  at  an orphanage entitled Sarita Children Home Samakhushi Kathmandu  since 2012.

Now  the home accommodates 17 orphaned and helpless kids. They are 7 girls an 10 boys from 4 to 13 years of age.

Sarirta Khadka,  an unmarried woman of 43 from  Kathmandu, established the home in  2007  by spending   her own landed property received from her parents. Since she needed more money, she also borrowed Rs. 50000 (USD 600) from a bank to establish the organization. Her aim is to take care of such orphaned and helpless children, manage them to  go to school  and  help them be self depended in their future life.

Sarita  has  taken a house on rent  in order to run  the organization. She has been paying $100  house rent per month. She has no body help her for the organization. She  does all the  works like cooking, cleaning, feeding the children and everything.

There are 4 children below 5 years old. They sleep with her. When she goes out they follow her. She loves all the children equally. The children also love her very much.

Since the organization does not have any source of income, Sarita collects donation in the market to feed them, to  pay  for their  educational cost, school  monthly fees,  house rent and other  administrative costs. She   has also opened a shop in the market. The bigger children help her in her shop when they are free. She spends  her profit to run the organization.

For some months Sarita  has been  suffering from backache. As prescribed by the doctor she has been taking  some medicines. The doctor has advised her to have a rest. The children are worried to see her mother suffering from backache. Sarita  is very much worried about the children. She says, “Who takes care of those children if dies”

Sarita’s Safe Haven Nepal felt necessity to support Sarira  to feed 17 kids. Since April 2012 we have been helping Sarita to feed the children.

The organization needs more help. We need money to feed them three times a day. We have to pay for their school  dress as well as to pay the house rent medication and other maintenance cost. So we have uploaded a fund raising project at global giving  organization.. Our fundraising project link on the global giving site

We would like to request you to share our fund raising project link  among  your network, family and friends and help us raise fund for the  children.

Thanking you in advance for your kind cooperation.